Going to the Store With Social Anxiety Disorder


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This article is the second in the Living with Social Anxiety series. This article focuses on what a person who suffers from social anxiety disorder experiences when shopping at a store … particularly large retail stores, malls or supermarkets.

Imagine going into a supermarket where there are lots of people. You start thinking to yourself that everyone is looking at you, then you question if there something with your clothing, looks, or your behavior. Very soon you start having muscle tension, your heart beats more rapidly, you begin sweating, and you may walk faster to get out of the anxiety provoking area.

You go down a store isle to check out items to buy, then someone speaks to you; you hesitate and stutter because you don’t know what to say because you think you might say something stupid or awkward. You may even decide to go down an entirely different isle all together just to avoid an isle full of people that you think are judging the way you look or behave.

People with social anxiety will avoid buying items that they feel may bring embarrassment if another person sees them holding the product. Social anxiety sufferers will tend to go to stores with less people, and if possible they will go to busy stores at later hours when there are less people. An anxiety might decide to buy an item such as alcohol, but he or she afraid of going into the direction of the product because may think another person that sees you will think that you’re a “bad person” or an alcoholic.

If this article describes you when you go into stores, then you may have social anxiety disorder. Social phobia is a treatable medical condition, and you start learning how to get treatment by checking out the articles located in our Articles section.

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  • Rachael Lefler

    I don't think they're judging me. Or I don't have conscious thoughts about them at all. But I react to people looking at me and walking around me. It makes me tense up. If it were as easy as identifying and challenging the thoughts, I'd be fine already. But this is a physiological reaction I can't control.

  • stellabystarlite

    Sorry, but you means aisle. An isle is an island.

  • TamaraJu

    But who sets the fckng bar? a group of deranged? misguided aholes who iare themselves paranoid because of times are counting. They themselves know there own fakery so they build a system to tell populations 'this.' IM WISDOM. i know everthing just dont know it yet. but your a bunch of asholes

  • Jua T

    boo, what the f*ck are you trying to say

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