Anyone Else Suffering from Financial Anxiety Right Now?


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I know this is a little off topic (but not much), but are you suffering from financial anxiety right now (in addition to social anxiety)?

I have had a general level of stress about financial matters since the end of the summer of 2008. The anxiety I feel from the financial world is quite a bit different than my social anxiety. With the financial anxiety, I have a sense of discomfort and unease about my family’s personal financial situation (even though I have a good job, and we are reasonably secure). The symptom that is similar to what I feel with social anxiety is my inability to focus or think clearly when my anxiety is high. I get distracted and unable to focus when I’m suffering from social anxiety, and also am unable to focus when I’m in one of my fits of financial anxiety.

The financial news and advertisements for debt consolidation, credit cards, foreclosure assistance, and payday loans don’t help matters.

I’m just hoping the financial anxiety comes to an end later in 2009. At least (I hope) it will go away (I can’t say as much for my social anxiety)!

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  • sagasan
  • Hi, 

    Almost all the people are Suffering from Financial Anxiety, they always search the best way for managing their anxiety. 

  •  HI,

    Its nice post guys.

    You done really brilliant work guys.


  • bhpanic

    When put in a formal group evironment, and asked to read something aloud, my voice becomes shaky, my mouth dries up, and I'm barely able to complete the recitation, regardless how short it may be. The more uncomfortable I become, the more uncomfortable I feel the members of the group become, hence the anxiety symptoms worsen. I'm 62 years old and have been trying to deal with this disorder since adolescence.
    It has resulted in my missing out on so much in life. I believe it has contributed to my addiction to alcohol (as a misguided means of coping in social situations), which I'm currently fighting primarily through group therapy. This group environment is stressful for me, but I recognize this is my future if I'm to stay sober. While others in my group are dealing with the very real issues in their recovery, I feel I'm never going to reap the full benefit of recovery therapy when my main concern is merely being able to form a complete sentence without these frustrating anxiety symptoms. HELP....

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