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There are a wide range of physical symptoms a social anxiety sufferer could experience if a person anticipates or are in a social anxiety provoking situation.  The severity of anxiety a person can experience might vary depending on the person.

Here is a list of common social situations that could induce an anxiety in someone who social anxiety disorder:

  • Public speaking.
  • Eating in public.
  • Being interviewed by a stranger.
  • Writing in public.
  • Shopping.
  • Speaking with strangers.
  • Using the phone.
  • Attending social events (e.g., parties, concerts)
  • Using public restrooms.
  • Talking with important people or authority figures.
  • Crowds.
  • Doing any sort of activity where the person might be watched. I.E, sexual interaction, standing in a line, or working.

If put in one of the above social anxiety provoking situations, a sufferer’s heart might start beating more rapidly and their palms may begin sweating. The person might soon start exhibiting all the signs of an anxiety attack; the response to flee the situation begins. The feelings or anxiety or panic don’t ease until after that person has left the anxiety causing situation.

Physical symptoms of social anxiety disorder vary from person to person but below is a common list of symptoms associated with this mental disorder.  Keep in mind that these symptoms could occur before (steadily increasing in severity before the event) or during the social anxiety causing event or situation:

  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Involuntary twitching.
  • Shaky voice.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Sweating.
  • Muscle tension.
  • Twitching.
  • Upset stomach.
  • Confusion.
  • Trembling or shaking.
  • Blushing.

Remember that the above list is just a “common” list of physical symptoms a person with social anxiety disorder could have. Also, now that you know what the symptoms are, you should contact a doctor to see if you actually do have social anxiety disorder.

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  • When I was 7 years old I walked plan on visiting my playmate in the other street and then near their house I  am confronted by 4 brothers that are older than me. They warned me not to enter their street or else I will be beaten. I did not continue and just went home. This happened again in another town when I am 10 years old, the people involved are different but the same thing happened. I am going to a mom and pop store and after buying soda a 2 kids older than me warned be not to come  again in their turf. When I was 15  it happened again with different kids just the same as my age and when I am in my 21 years old it happened again but knives are involved.  Nothing happened bad but  I  think all of those experiences made me want to avoid everyone  if possible.  I did not experience direct attack from the four that I told you but It left me nervous whenever I am in the street. I hope that I can overcome this someday.

  • My name is Kayla and I am 21 years old..I have had anxiety ever since i was little starting in 3rd grade, reading out load or getting into small groups for projects. In middle school I would dread the teacher to call on me, i would sit in the back of the class room. Getting up in front of the class room i hated it, and would say little as possible. Highschool was the worst, I would skip class or come up with and excuse not to Present things to the class. When i got called on to answer a question sometimes i would say i don't know even if i knew the answer and feared people judged me or thought i was stupid for not answering. Looking back it's crazy how much fear i had about fear of speaking out even with my family, friends, and even eating at lunch. At lunch i would sometimes not eat or go into the lunch room, i would sneak food from home and eat it in the hall ways. I eventually dropped out of college and yet have i returned. For about 2 years i didn't work, would stay home alot or hangout with my friends that i know and felt comfortable being around, i started smoking, and drinking. Al through that time i told myself i have to get rid of the fear and take my life back. I started to try to find jobs, would go to interveiws and would be all excited and then when it came to all these questions, i just would not know how to explain my answers, at one interveiw i totally bombed because i felt like everybody in the resturant was looking and trying to listen and felt on the spot. At another interveiw I couldn't answer the questions the way i wanted to PLUS some of the questions were about how i work and i didn't know how to answer because i hadn't had a job in 2 years. And acctually in that interview umm i actually cried in front of the manager because i had anxiety. Eventually with me reaching out for help from the Workforce center i managed to get a temporary 3 months of work and Goodwill- best job i've ever had being part of the Processing job of Hanging clothes and putting thing out in the store floor.
    Today i have a Job at Once upon a child, as people mention best store in the francise in MN,--doing Cash register, tagging items, Answering Phones, Hanging clothes, making things look neat and organized, cleaning, and putting things on the shelves or putting things out in the store. Just resently i discovered that if i wasn't the only one obligated or expected to be on the resister by myself, and answer the phones my working there would be much less Anxiety. With my social anxiety and fearing i might not do something right as people have noticed my short comings with sometimes not knowing about a product asking questions when i need help, ect. It might be a better fit if i don't answer the phones, and not be the expected on to be on the register by my self... Social anxiety for me just is something i know wont last because I know someday i will figure out what i need to do in order to express or explain things better, not over whelm myself with what there thoughts about me are or just me know what i know can benefit others, and go my own way and be happy for what i do best. PLEASE COMMENT by hitting Reply in the lower right>

  • I have been on Zoloft for about 1 year now. I have severe anxiety. I dont know why I used to constantly think of bad thoughts, which would give me the anxiety because they seemed so real to me. My mood is much better. I don't get so mad all the time either.

  • Xanax is a widely prescribed drug that is used to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It contains Alprazolam as an active element enabling it to provide fast relief from nervousness and anxiety. It also provides relief from average depression. It is in a group of drugs called benzodiazepines. It is usually used as a short term treatment. Users of Xanax should first consult a healthcare consultant to inform them about possible side effects before commencing its use.

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