Helping Family Members With Social Anxiety Disorder


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Living and coping with social anxiety disorder is hard, but it’s even harder when an anxiety sufferer feels that his or her family doesn’t understand. The strain that social anxiety disorder puts on family relationships can have a negative impact. For example, if a relative wants to go out to eat at a restaurant, the socially anxious person may be extremely reluctant to participate because of the fear of eating in public. It’s not the fear of just eating in public, but it’s also the fear that he or she might not be displaying the proper etiquette. This form of anxiety is commonly referred to performance anxiety by researchers.

If you’re a family member of someone who has social anxiety disorder, then you first need to realize that it is a serious medication condition that affects millions of people each and every year. You can learn more about social anxiety disorder on this site.

Steps to helping your family member cope successfully

Learn about the social anxiety disorder as much as you can, and even read case stories if available.

If your family member has made some achievements in the fight against anxiety, then praise him or her for their accomplishments.

Don’t try to force your family member into social situations they are not comfortable with, but rather try to be flexible while sticking to a normal routine.

Lastly, do not treat them differently because they have anxiety, but act normally as usual.

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