Social Anxiety Named One of the Top 10 “Yuppie” Disorders


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Social Anxiety Disorder may be met with negative reactions from people who are not aware or have not experienced an anxiety related condition themselves.

Social Anxiety Disorder has been named one of the Top 10 “Yuppie” conditions. The disorder is categorized with similar conditions including: Chronic Fatigue, Tennis Elbow, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gluten Allergy, Epstein-Barr virus (or EBV), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Restless Leg Syndrome, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Fibromyalgia.

A Yuppie is short for Young Urban Professional, people who are middle class and financially secure and have reached financial gain with little effort. Like Chronic Fatigue, which was coined “The Yuppie Flu” when it first emerged, Social Anxiety Disorder is often perceived to be a made up condition for people who do not wish to face every day situations. Like many anxiety related disorders, Social Anxiety Disorder may not always be taken seriously because it cannot be physically diagnosed with a blood test or an X-ray. According to News, doctors who diagnose these disorders can at times come under criticism as people believe they are making money off of the drugs they prescribe to their patients.

Many people with Social Anxiety Disorder have, in the past, been perceived as ‘shy’. However, being a shy person and being afraid to enter into social situations are two different issues. Shy people are afraid of social situations but avoiding a social situation altogether, to the point of rarely leaving the house, is more extreme.

Dealing with social anxiety and not being taken seriously can heighten anxiety, causing people struggling with the condition to further enter into their personal shells. Being ridiculed and criticized will not cure a social disorder and should be taken seriously. The concept of a “Yuppie” condition exists because people who have not suffered from the condition find it hard to comprehend suffering from anxiety themselves.

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  • I don't have social anxiety disorder, but i do have generalized anxiety disorder, which also made this list. I find it hard to talk about because of how many people don't understand. I've had multiple doctors tell me I'm faking it which I think they should be fired for saying. It took me 8 years before I had a panic attack that was so bad that i dragged myself to a psychologist. I'm now happily on the road to recovery :)

  • xoxo

    i'm 17 and a senior in high school, i'm not sure if i have gad because it never fully goes away but the severity is definitely in cycles. last year i missed SO much school, i had to go to court and everything. i wouldn't go down certain stairs in my school, i would be sick daily - actually physically sick because of the anxiety. i would stay home, beg and cry to try and stay home. some days i just wouldn't go. this year isn't as bad
    i've only missed around 2 days and i can walk anywhere - the anxiety hasn't fully went away but it doesn't stop me like it used to. new things have popped up though- i get so afraid while walking off the bus, i get severe anxiety over people hearing my stomach growl, i can't pee if someone else is in the bathroom, i
    feel like people are judging me while walking. oh and in my 3rd period class my assigned seat is by the door and i'm failing because i'm constantly thinking that at any moment i'll have to get up + open the door. i also can't move because the desk is squeeky + i don't want people to hear it. if i make any progess in one area it falls away in another.

  • netekke

    Hi I am 16 and i feel the same way. I am suffering SAD and its to a point where i am happy knowing that the other kids just think i am just simply weird. I talk with a accent as we immigrated to the states 18 months ago and its very very hard for me. So happy for you that its getting better..'tu

  • rbmcgarvie

    I have gad and my son 21 has social anxiety and i'm very worried about him he's a smart kid in college but over the last three years there he has made no progress in socializing with other kids. He goes to class and then stays in his room the same thing he did as child going up. My husband tells me not to worry but i can't help it. he won't get help. I want him not to be me it's no fun having sever gad as the dr. has told me. How can i help him i'm desprite he grad. next year and can't find part time work even has had many interviews but no job. Thought somebody could give me some idea what to do.

  • Mitch9911

    I don't see daily activity on this site. Are there others out there that could use daily support, like I need? I want to find others that are challenged, like me. Like a pen pal, where we can draw strength from each other, laugh at the outrageousness of situations, offer encouragement to get thru those times that are stressful, share remedies, thoughts and just support in general. Just knowing we aren't alone has to be powerful. I now know you are out there, become part of my support.

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