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Treatment is the only option for an anxiety disorder that will become worse overtime.  Social anxiety can keep you from living a happy successful life by hindering your ability to work or have interpersonal relationships. Life with social phobia may feel like it’s without hope, but there are treatment options available to treat social anxiety.  With time, most people will be able to live productive lives, without the fear of anxiety. This article will overview treatment options available for social anxiety disorder.

Finding treatment

Before you can get treatment for social anxiety disorder you have to find treatment.  You will want to know which health care professional is right for you, what questions to ask him or her, and much more.  You can learn how to find treatment and what to do when you find it by reading our articles on treatment of social anxiety disorder.

Which treatment option(s) are best for me?

Treatment that best helps someone with social anxiety varies from person to person.  For example, some people might respond to well to medications, but others maybe require behavior therapy plus medication.  You should consult with your mental health professional to help you decide what is best for you.

Home Treatment

There are many things an anxiety sufferer can do by themselves that can help alleviate some of the anxiety.  Firstly, a person should get plenty of sleep, have a balanced diet, and exercise. Some people use alcohol or illicit drugs to help them gain confidence in feared social situations; it only leads to addictions such as alcoholism or substance abuse.

You can check of simple things you can do to relieve anxiety that is plaguing you. Check our tips for relieving anxiety and stress.

Treatment by medication

Medications are usually on the front lines in the battle against social phobia, but there are many different classes of drugs that help alleviate symptoms of social anxiety.

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  • In my view therapy and taking help from support groups and peers can be the best option to treat social anxiety. Watch a lot of YouTube videos containing interactive sessions, conversations, speeches, debates and interviews. Gradually get rid of your social anxiety by actually starting small. Go to a nearby school and seek their permission to impart children some training or life skills. Or go to some developing country like India or China and interact with people there and offer some expertise. It has dual benefits. You can also visit and check if there is some local therapist, who organizes some event to address this issue.

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